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  1. Über Brücken am Baldeneysee

    Drive away from the city traffic with the quiet and eco-friendly Segway around Lake Baldeney. The route is suitable for beginners and especially nature lovers.

    Open until 6:00 PM
  2. Graffiti Academy

    Have you ever wanted to release the vandal within? We will actively encourage you to express yourself and paint a public wall, legally of course. Learn the techniques and how to control the spray paint leave your masterpiece for the world to see. (1.5hrs)

    6:00 PM - instant booking
  3. Small owl

    Near the Baltic Sea, there is a 22-acre bird sanctuary. Among other animals you can find the blue neck ostrich or the cheeky Kea. In addition, kangaroos from Australia are presented, as well as monkeys and lemurs from Madagascar.

    Open until 7:00 PM

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